Ingredients for Personal Care

Development of Innovative Ingredients

We develop and market new ingredients for the cosmetic field, in collaboration with Universities, Start-Ups and Research and Development Centers of the most important companies.

Inspired by nature, we focus on sustainable processes and technologies with low environmental impact; we involve the valorization of biomass and agri-food by-products by isolating functional molecules with high benefit.

We analyzed the products on the market and the competitors by identifying the needs of formulators and consumers.

We have thus identified GAPs in the portfolio of the available cosmetic ingredients within the following 13 product classes:

Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Solubilisers, Emollients, Rheological Modifiers, Fixative Polymers, Conditioning Agents, Preservatives, Sunscreens, Active Ingredients, Pigments And Dyes, Pearl Shine Concentrates And Opacifiers, Stabilizers.

Thanks to the experience gained in the R&D, Regulations, Project Management, Marketing and Sales, following a Co-Development or Consulting model, we are the right partner to set-up a new cosmetic ingredient on the market.

From design to industrialization and international distribution, coming soon the 7 steps to develop a successful product.


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