Our key points for the development of cosmetic raw materials

Quality and Compliance
Evaluation of specifications, production methods, documentation and performance of raw materials to verify their quality and conformity for the cosmetics market
Manufacturing processes
Support in optimising production processes to meet the quality criteria of the cosmetics market
Systematic studies
Systematic studies comparing the manufacturer's raw materials with market benchmarks to compare performance, quality or promotional packages
New raw materials and new INCI
Support in the development of new raw materials and new INCIs to be marketed
Market positioning
Systemic studies on new cosmetic grade ingredients to assess their best market positioning
Stability study and storage conditions
Study of stability and storage conditions of raw materials in sales packaging and in inert packaging: definition of specifications, shelf-life, verification of preservative or stabiliser system
Drafting documentation
Drafting technical, safety and promotional documentation
Voluntary certifications
Support in the certification of the company and its products, to obtain voluntary certifications
Promotional formulation kits
Creation of promotional formulation kits for sale on the EU and non-EU markets (e.g. active ingredient launch project on the US and China markets): specific projects or for trade fairs, events
Technical Assistance
Formulation assistance to customers using raw materials, as well as an in-house laboratory dedicated to technical assistance in case of problems in the use of ingredients or in case they need facsimile formulations for their own development projects

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