Kialab: Who we are

Personal Care & Home Care Services for the Industry

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2012 | The story behind Kialab

A strong desire to create an innovative company, as well as the courage to invest in something new is what led the four owners/partners, experts in the field of cosmetics, to set up Kialab in 2012.

Their aim was to create an innovative and efficient framework in the field of cosmetic and detergent formulation consulting, offering a complete service for the creation of new bespoke and tailored projects and providing assistance and support for problems related to existing products.

As a result, we have progressively expanded our laboratories and equipped them with cutting-edge technologies and instruments with which to develop and industrialise our formulas.

We believe in the importance of keeping up-to-date, which is why we constantly take part in training courses, events and external seminars with a view to developing our skills, knowledge and ideas.

We study and follow market trends by researching raw materials and adjectivization, as well as functional, sustainable, and fashionable packaging and design.


2015 | New department: development of Ingredients for Personal Care

The study of nature along with constructive collaborations with universities and research centres have brought us to develop the first 2 active ingredients with multiple functional characteristics. Our distribution network, which started in Italy, has since expanded internationally to 18 countries around the world.

We believe in the valorisation of biomass from agro-food industries, as well as in sustainable processes and technologies with a low environmental impact and are interested in co-development or consulting collaborations through which to launch innovative cosmetic ingredients on the market.

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2017 | Distribution of Home Care I&I ingredients

We have accepted the new challenge of expanding our business in the Home Care I&I sector by acquiring the distribution mandates of important multinational companies.

Through our technical team, we also offer formulation ideas and toolkits to help the customer understand how best to use each raw material.

We develop personalized blends to meet our clients’ needs and improve their productivity and value chain.

2019 | Establishment of KI-Academy, the cosmetic training that didn’t exist...

Lastly, we have felt the need to share our know-how through beginner and advanced training courses for Italian companies.

Our theory and practice-based courses on Skin Care, Toiletries, Hair Care and Regulatory Issues support the training of colleagues in the cosmetics world.

All this has led us to who we are today, united by constructive dialogue and forward-looking teamwork, and by the desire to be a reference company on the market supporting the growth of our customers.